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Ultimate gratification with Sex Bubblegum Gum. Enjoy sustained enjoyment without experiencing any negative effects. Natural components were specifically used in the formulation of this bubblegum chewing gum to increase closeness, improve sexual performance, and offer a discrete and enjoyable encounter. With the help of this intriguing and tasty gum, put an end to performance anxiety and take pleasure in enhanced sensations. Take advantage of your rightful enjoyment with Durex Flavored Sex Bubblegum Chewing Gum. Price of sex chewing gum in Pakistan | Lowest Price

How to use Sex Chewing Gum

  • 10 mints of chewing gum before the intercose.
  • Long-lasting Durex chewing gum
  • Extra time for both men and women
  • Avert excessive heat
  • produced in France

Key Features

Male sex gum for Pakistani males. It increases men’s libido intensity and quantity. After consuming chewing gum and bubble gum, depending on the individual males, your time will increase by 35 to 50 minutes. If you have enough libido, you’ll feel young again and be able to satisfy your spouse. This product has always garnered positive reviews.



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